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There are millions of people with incomes that exceed the cost of their necessary living expenses; who struggle to pay their bills. They don't manage their money, they just spend it; and more often than not, don't even know where it's going. If this sounds familiar, NetWorth2B Budget & Flow can help.


  • Unlimited categories, to tailor a realistic budget for any financial situation;
  • Cash flow recording, to promote active engagement, and long-term success;
  • Integrated balance tracking, to facilitate the account reconciliation process;
  • A searchable transaction history, to expose detrimental spending behavior;
  • Analytical tools, to clearly show where your MONEY has gone;
Unlimited AccountsYesYes
Transactions by AccountYesYes
Statement SummariesNoYes
Account ReconciliationsNoYes
Unlimted CategoriesYesYes
Budget Category AnalysisYesYes
Budget Group AnalysisNoYes
Budget Payment FrequencyNoYes
Cash Flow SummaryYesYes
Transactions by CategoryYesYes
Transaction Category AnalysisYesYes
Transaction Category MoveNoYes
Transaction Group AnalysisNoYes
Recurring TransactionsYesYes
Budget vs. Cash FlowYesYes
Voice HelpYesYes
Successful financial management is a series of choices and actions. Net Worth to be Budget and Flow can help you navigate the process.

It's easy to use, with integrated voice help that makes it easy to learn. The Budget & Flow - Step by Step section below is a supplemental reference.

For additional support, send us an email.

NetWorth2b Budget & Flow - Step by Step


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Budget & Flow - Frequently Asked Questions


Overview, Navigation & Help?

NetWorth2b Budget & Flow Step-thru: (1) Create ACCOUNTS to capture daily cashflow; (2) Customize BUDGET categories & amounts; (3) Create RECURRING ENTRY templates; (4) Record CASH FLOW transactions; and (5) Compare CASH FLOW to BUDGET targets.

Common Functionality?

The Add/Update/Delete functions are common to Accounts, Account Statements, Budget Categories, Cash Flow Transactions and Recurring Entry Templates.

ADD: Tap the Plus icon found in the upper portion of the screen; complete the screen fields and choose the SAVE option.
UPDATE: Tap the object; select the Update option from the popup menu; complete the screen fields and choose the SAVE option.
DELETE: Tap the object; select the Delete option from the popup menu; confirm or cancel the delete request.

Account Overview?

An account can be a checking, savings, credit card, debit card; or any other funding vehicle available for receipts and expenditures. Since cash flow transactions are recorded by category and account; balances are adjusted in real time.

Even though, these accounts should mirror your bank accounts; they do not access those institutional accounts; and therefore, do not expose your account to data transfer hacking. In fact, nicknames can be used, to keep your bank affiliations totally anonymous.

Budget Overview?

Creating a budget, starts with defining Inflow and outflow categories that coincide with your earnings and spending activity. Within your budget, you should set a monthly target amount for each of these categories. The premium edition provides the additional option for quarterly, half-year and Yearly target amounts.

Statement Summaries?

Statement Summaries consist of beginning and ending dates and balances from bank account statements. They are used to reconcile activity recorded in the app to activity recorded by the bank. While you may trust your bank, you should verify their calculation of your account balance. Statement Summaries are available in the Premium Edition.


Cash flow transactions?

The Cash Flow Summary provides total cash inflow and outflow transactions for each category, for the selected period of activity.

Recurring Entry templates can be used to short-cut the process. There is also an option to duplicate an existing transaction as a starting point for a new transaction.

At tax time you might find the cash flow export option handy. You can transfer cash flow transactions to the SD card on your device; to a file format compatible with Excel.

Recurring Entry Templates?

Recurring entry templates are used to eliminate the repetitive data entry associated with similar transactions. When recording a cash flow transaction, you have an option to select a recurring entry template to auto-complete screen fields.

Misc. Account Activity?

There is an option, to record a deposit, a withdrawal and/or a transfer, directly against any account. This allows you to update account balances, whenever money is moved; without requiring a cash flow entry.

However, this should only happen, as an exception; daily operating cash inflows and outflows should be recorded in the CASH FLOW section, not in the ACCOUNTS section.

Account Reconciliation function?

After entering your bank statement summary, you can generate an account reconciliation that compares the ending balance calculated in the app, vs. the corresponding balance reported by the bank. Discrepancies can be resolved by matching transactions recorded by both.

Backup, & Restore data?

There is an option to backup and Restore the entire database to the SD card on your device. Unlike, cash flow the export function, this data is not formatted for Excel.


Allocations by Category & Group?

Structuring a budget with groups and categories, provide an opportunity to analyze activity in aggregate and in detail.

Categories assigned to a Group?

Category/Group assignments can be edited thru the category update function.

Cash flow transactions by Account?

In addition to viewing Cash Flow transactions by category, they can also be viewed by account for any period of time; with up to date account balances.

Budget to Actual comparison?

The Budget vs. Cash Flow comparison shows whether or not your financial objectives were met. A review of the summary and detail data, can help you determine if any action is necessary for future planning.

Cash Flow transactions - Category?

With historical data, you can scrutinize your earning and spending patterns; and create a more realistic financial plan.




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